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Darlinghurst Physiotherapy Clinic

We have just moved our Darlinghurst clinic to newer larger and brighter space, complete with a Pilates gym and rehab equipment to get you moving and feeling better sooner.

Conveniently located a stone’s throw from Taylor Square on Flinders St in Darlinghurst. Our new address is Level 2, 40-42 Flinders St Darlinghurst. There is convenient 2-hour parking along the street and all adjoining streets. There is a clearway between 3pm – 7pm Monday – Friday so please be aware of this. We are moments from the buses on Oxford Street as well.

In East Sydney, there are no low back pain expert physiotherapists and our clinic looks to solve this issue. If you have had low back pain, pain in your upper back or neck that has been resistant to treatment, please call us and allow us to help you.

In addition, our clinic seeks to provide the local area with a high level of
expertise in sports physiotherapy. We are also experts in complex movement
dysfunctions where clients describe having a past accident or injury that has never been resolved.

You can read more about our clinic philosophy and understand how we work.

Darlinghurst Clinic Opening Times


Our Darlinghurst clinic is open Monday – Friday from 8am – 7pm and every second Saturday from 8am – 1pm.

Our Physiotherapy Services Darlinghurst


Specialised manual therapy to help with pain

One of our areas of special interest in using our hands to feel whether the client’s body regions are moving optimally or not. This allows us to determine where the source of clients’ movement dysfunctions is likely stemming from. We have a robust clinical reasoning framework to determine if we are on the right track with our diagnosis and treatment plans. In this way, we find we commonly help clients with their problems in a timely manner. Just read our Google reviews for some examples of this.

Exercise therapy

We all know we need to exercise more. We know it’s good for us. But what if an exercise that causes pain? Or doesn’t feel like it should? It’s really hard to know what to do in this case. Seeing one of our expert physiotherapists in Darlinghurst will allow us to diagnose why this might be happening. Alternatively, you might have had surgery, or be a recent mum and in both cases, you need guidance on which exercises are safe and effective to do. We can help with this and guide you every step of the way.

TMJ / Jaw Pain

Does your jaw or Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) hurt? Does it click in an unusual way? When you open your mouth, does it look crooked? You likely have a movement issue in your jaw or TMJ. TMJ pain is very common and affects between 60%-70% of the population in Australia. It is most common between 20-45 years of age and affects women more than men. There are many possible causes of TMJ pain and it is critical for you to see an experienced physiotherapist to determine the cause of your pain. Once this has been determined, a treatment plan can be devised.

Read more about or extensive list of services here.

Our Team of Physios

All of our physiotherapists are highly experienced and can treat all manner of musculoskeletal and movement issues. Please see our online booking system for availability or call us 7208 9852 or call our Newtown clinic on 9519 4913.

Make a Booking in Our Darlinghurst Location

There are three ways to make a booking at our Darlinghurst clinics: call the clinic on 7208 9852. Or you can call our Newtown front desk and they can help on 9519 4913. Alternatively, you can jump online and use our efficient online booking system. We look forward to helping you move better and feel better.


Come Visit Us at Newtown Active Physiotherapy

Of course, our original clinic at Newtown continues to operate as per usual –
offering a high level of expertise in assessment and treatment of all
musculoskeletal injuries.

We run physiotherapy exercise classes at our Newtown clinic which are limited to 6 participants to ensure you get attention from our teaching physio. So with two convenient locations, we are even better placed to help you with
your movement needs. Whether it’s getting back on your feet after an injury or
surgery, to running better times or reducing strong pain which is affecting your

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