At Active Physiotherapy Newtown, we have a beautiful light-filled gym space that is perfect for group classes. During different times of the week, we run Pilates classes with our specially trained physiotherapists guiding them. The client feedback we get from these classes is that people love them! Our clients in particular tell us that they love the camraderie and fun when exercising with others. They also love being pushed a bit, and being able to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do if they were just trying to find exercises on Youtube. Our clients also tell us that they can see and feel the difference that our Pilates classes make in their own bodies. Less pain, better movement, a better understanding of how to use their muscles more efficiently and having better posture are just some of the things that our client tell us they achieve from being in our Pilates classes regularly.

Our classes are limited to a maximum of 6 participants. This gives the instructor an opportunity to watch class participants carefully and guide them to ensure they are activating just the right muscles. The instructor can help participants make small changes to get the best out of their class. In this way, we ensure you are working at your best during the class. You won’t be lost behind 25 others in a large echoing room with an instructor right up the front with a microphone on. Our instructors will be right there with you, demonstrating the movements and then helping you achieve the right movements with your core and trunk muscles.

As always, our philosophy at Active Physiotherapy Newtown is to empower our clients to move better and feel better, sooner. One way we do this is with our group classes. We also have one to one Pilates instruction and one to one gym based strengthening instruction.

So what are you waiting for?

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