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Group Classes at Active Physiotherapy Newtown

Group classes are a great way to get stronger, more functional and have the supervision of a physiotherapist whilst you perform your exercises. Our group classes have been very popular over the years and in 2023 we are going to change things up!

From January 27th 2023 we are going to be running five different types of classes during the week. These classes will be in line with school terms and so we will have four terms of classes with each term being 10 weeks long. Our classes will be:

1. Core conditioning classes – a great core, gluteals and low back workout

2. Lumbo/pelvic/hip strength class – for people who need to get stronger in these areas

3. Neck / shoulder/ ribs strength class – for people who need to get stronger in these areas

4. Strong knees class – for people who have OA of the knees and need to get stronger

5. Strong legs class – for people who need to gain leg strength

In our classes, we challenge our participants with a series of exercises using equipment, but with a deep knowledge of how pain affects movement, strength and balance. And there’ll be fun as well!

Please see the table below for times that our classes will be held. This timetable begins from Friday 27th Jan 2023 ( straight after Australia Day).


Lumbo/pelvic/hip strength Monday 8-9 am

Core conditioning Monday 6-7pm

Strong legs class Tuesday 8-9 am

Core conditioning Wednesday 5-6 pm

Lumbo/pelvic/hip strength Wednesday 6-7 pm

Neck / shoulder / ribs strength Thursday 6-7 pm

Core conditioning Friday 8-9 am

Strong knees Friday 1-2 pm

To book your class or for more information on cost and prices contact reception on
(02) 9519 4913

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