Acupuncture Vs Medicine for Pain Management

We hope to bring you heaps of interesting information, stories and thought-provoking stuff related to physio, exercise, diet, medicine, sport and research. At different times, all of our clinical staff here at Active Physiotherapy Newtown will jump on the blog and share their expertise – with 7 amazing physios, there’s enough expertise here to fill Sydney Harbour!

For our first blog, I’ll draw your attention to new research coming out of Melbourne showing that, in an emergency setting when people are in acute pain, acupuncture combined with standard pain killers (like Panadol) is just as effective as strong painkillers (like Endone). Given both Panadol and acupuncture have virtually no side-effects and strong pain killers do have side-effects (such as constipation and dizziness), this is great news for all patients who suffer from pain.

Of course, this is crucial news for patients who cannot take medication (pregnant women) but, really, if there is a safer and effective option shouldn’t we all use it?

Here’s the link to the story in the SMH: http://www.smh.com.au/national/health/acupuncture-as-effective-as-drugs-in-treating-pain-trial-shows-20140329-35qec.html

All of our therapists at Active Physiotherapy Newtown have been using acupuncture for pain relief for many years and it’s great to see research is vindicating our progressive approach to healthcare.

Until next time,
John Panagopoulos

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