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Active Physiotherapy Newtown is the longest-established physiotherapy clinic in Sydney’s Inner West. Located close to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, our clinic has strong relationships with leading orthopedic surgeons, sports physicians and rheumatologists. We work closely with these specialists, using evidence-based physiotherapy rehabilitation to ensure you get the best possible outcome. 

Our Newtown clinic houses a full-strength gym and Pilates studio. We run daily Pilates classes with a maximum of 6 participants, so you get the attention you need to perform the exercises correctly. Our clinic has strong connections to the local GP network and our local GPs trust us to get your diagnosis right and implement the most effective treatment plan possible for you. 

Our strength gym allows us to take you through the loading required for your muscles to return to their full function. We can demonstrate how to do the exercise properly, and then watch you as you perform the task. If you are returning from surgery, you will most likely have weaker muscles than usual and we can help guide you back to full strength. If you are keen to join a gym, we can provide you with a program tailored to you and we can go through the exercises together in the gym. Our gym is also available for you to do your own workouts – just speak to our front desk staff for more information. 

Our clinic is one of the few in Sydney to house a real-time diagnostic ultrasound machine. With this equipment, we are able to visualise your “core” and pelvic floor muscles either activating well or not so well. This way we can provide you with specific targeted and guided exercises to get you moving better in no time. 

Our Physiotherapy Services Newtown

Sports Physiotherapy 

Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or just beginning to run, we are able to provide you with sports-specific diagnosis and treatment. Our physiotherapists have worked internationally in elite sports and understand the mentality of the competitor. We are experts in treating overload injuries and tendon pain. We have been taught by the world’s leading tendon experts on how best to get you back to playing sports and doing the activities you love.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy 

Active Physiotherapy Newtown has two Women’s Health physiotherapists who are experts at managing all aspects of pre-and post-natal physiotherapy. Post-baby, our physiotherapists can help you return to the gym, running, or sport in a safe and controlled way. Our Women’s Health physiotherapists can help you manage any incontinence or pelvic pain issues you may be having and work with your obstetrician or gynecologist to help you feel better sooner.

Manual therapy

The term manual therapy really means “Hands-on physiotherapy”. The power of therapeutic touch cannot be understated. Our highly skilled physiotherapists have all had post-graduate training in specialised hands-on skills which allows them to find your pain more effectively. Once our therapists have understood where the pain or dysfunction is coming from, they can more effectively treat you. Our therapists can feel whether you have blocked or stiff joints, a muscle that is tight or in spasm, or a nerve that isn’t sliding or gliding properly within its tissue tunnel. Our patients love our gentle but firm hands and how therapeutic it is to get good pain relief from just the right techniques.

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Our Newtown clinic is open Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturdays 8am – 1pm.

Our Team of Physios


We have a highly experienced and highly skilled team of physiotherapists waiting to help you.

All of our staff use the same robust assessment techniques and philosophy to determine where the root cause of your problem stem from. Depending on the individual skill set and level of experience, you will receive slightly different treatments from each physiotherapist. However, rest assured that we are all about the outcome and that is to get you feeling better and moving better as soon as possible. The individual treatments provided, therefore, are all with the same goal.

Make a Booking in Our Newtown Location


There are three ways to make a booking at our Newtown clinic: call us on 9519 4913 and speak to one of our helpful front desk staff; walk in and say hi and make a time or just jump online and follow the prompts to make a time for one our friendly staff to help you.


Come Visit Us at Darlinghurst Active Physiotherapy


If you happen to be based in the Lower North Shore, Eastern Suburbs or East Sydney area, feel free to see us at our Physio in Darlinghurst. Same great assessment and treatment, same great team. Just at a different location.

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