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Please note all new patients will require 1 hour for their initial appointment. This will allow your physiotherapist to perform a full examination, educate you about your diagnosis and perform a treatment on your first visit. Should you not need a full hour, you will treated for the time required and charged accordingly. Please bring in any doctors referral you may have. Also please bring in any X-Rays/ CT Scans / MRI’s you have if they pertain to the reason you are seeing us. Please ensure any reports are included with your scans if possible.

If you are seeing us under the Worker’s Compensation or Third-Party Insurance Schemes, you MUST bring in your doctors referral and Insurance details. Insurance details we need include Insurer’s name, Case manager’s name and contact details and your claim number.

If you are a patient who has seen us before and just needs a standard 30 mins follow up appointment, this option is there for you in our online booking portal.

If you are a patient who has seen us more than 12 months earlier, or you need a new area of the body looked at, we strongly suggest you book in for 1 hour, so our team can assess this new injury. If you are confused as to whether you need 30 or 60 minutes, please call our front desk staff for guidance on 9519 4913.

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