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Ellen Bearss

Ellen Bearss

B. Kin; M. Phty

After completing her Bachelors Degree in Human Movement in Canada, Ellen moved to Australia to do her Physiotherapy Masters Degree at Sydney University. Growing up with an active lifestyle and playing many sports at a competitive level spurred an interest in the complexity of the human body, how it moves and what happens when things go wrong. Ellen has treated many complex clients and enjoys using specialised manual therapy techniques, targeted exercise and rehabilitation to help her clients reach their movement goals. Ellen strongly values an individualised approach to her clients and enjoys working with them collaboratively to achieve great outcomes.


Sarah Hammer


Sarah joins the team this year as a physio with over 10 years’ experience originally graduating from USyd then eventually moving to the UK to work in and travel a diverse range of places and spaces. Working with elite athletes individually or as a team physio on tour in the fields of Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee, in NHS rehab, acute care hospitals, private clinics in England, a stint in a climbing specialist clinic and private practice both locally and abroad. This allows Sarah to draw on that depth of knowledge to work with you to find a solution that not only works, but that works for you.


Stephanie Tang


Stephanie is a physiotherapist with 21 years of experience in diagnosing, treating and prescribing holistic strategies for her patients. Whether this involves injury management & prevention, pain reduction or performance optimisation, she has succeeded in providing valuable and meaningful results.

Stephanie is a big advocate of movement/task analysis which enables her to identify the root of one’s problem rather than just practising symptomatic treatment. Via the ’Connect Therapy and the Thoracic Ring Approach’, which is an assessment method that involves identification of drivers (body regions) that are the primary cause of one’s problem. This coupled with treatment of one’s immediate region of complain, allows for more effective and long-lasting outcomes.


Tamlyn Edwards


Having been active and played organised sports for many years, Tamlyn has had her fair share of injuries. After her initial studies in Human Kinetics in Canada, Tamlyn completed her Masters Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. Tamlyn has worked with a wide variety of populations and conditions, such as chronic pain, work injuries, and sedentary lifestyle injuries. She has also provided sports coverage for junior and senior rugby union teams and ultra-marathons, earning experience in acute sporting injuries and working with weekend warriors.


Will Cole


As a keen footballer, Will knows what it takes to diagnose and rehabilitate injuries. From simple corkies to more complex neck and back pain, Will can do it all. Having graduated from Macquarie University, Will has worked for various Rugby and Football Clubs performing on field injury management. Will plays football at a high level on weekend for his club. Will is also a Pilates instructor and uses this knowledge to re-train his clients with the most effective exercises, tailored just for them.

andrea pantoja

Andrea Pantoja


As a 12-year-old gymnast receiving treatment, Andrea decided she wanted to become a physiotherapist. Andrea is very passionate about helping people and getting them back to their best. Everyone has goals to achieve, big or small, and these goals became hers also. Andrea has 16 years experience working as a physio having first completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise and Sport Science) in 2004, and a Master of Physiotherapy in 2006 at the University of Sydney.


Dr. John Panagopoulos


Having graduated from the University of Sydney, John has been a practising physiotherapist for over 24 years, working in Australia and abroad. He also has a Bachelor of Medical Science, majoring in Anatomy. These complementary degrees serve to strengthen his knowledge of normal and pathological anatomy and physiology.


Martyn Morris


Martyn is the co-Director of Active Physiotherapy Newtown. He has over 14 years of experience as a physiotherapist and is particularly practised in helping clients with jaw pain/TMJ, headaches, hip and lower back pain. He is the go-to-guy for more complex cases when all else has failed. He is also proficient in the use of some more specialised forms of treatment, such as craniosacral therapy and dry needling.


Kathryn Cowen


Kathryn is a highly experienced physiotherapist who enjoys working with her patients to understand not only what is driving their pain or dysfunction, but also to understand the whole person, their lifestyle and interests. This ensures she is delivering a bespoke treatment to each patient, based on their individual needs.


Adrian Jollow

Adrian is a hand therapist with a keen interest in dealing with traumatic hand injury. He works closely with surgeons and patients to provide the best outcome. As a hand therapist, he cares about that bent and swollen finger, the mum with a sore wrist, those tingling fingers, that sensitive scar, that broken wrist, the painful elbow, the arthritic thumb and all conditions affecting the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow.

jonathan tan

Jonathon Tan

Jonathon’s special interest is around lower limb mechanics and injury, helping people return to their optimal function. He works cohesively with clients, listening to their needs and devising a rehabilitation plan specifically tailored to their aims and goals.

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