The Active Physiotherapy Team

Sarah Hammer

Sarah joins the team this year as a physio with over 10 years’ experience originally graduating from USyd then eventually moving to the UK to work in and travel a diverse range of places and spaces. Working with elite athletes individually or as a team physio on tour in the fields of Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee, in NHS rehab, acute care hospitals, private clinics in England, a stint in a climbing specialist clinic and private practice both locally and abroad. This allows Sarah to draw on that depth of knowledge to work with you to find a solution that not only works, but that works for you.

The constant is the quality of care, and the passion to share knowledge and problem solve to get the best outcome for you the patient.

Splitting her time at present between musculoskeletal physio at Active Physiotherapy Newtown and the Orthopedic Wards in the hospital gives Sarah a grounding in what the rehab journey can mean at any stage. Whether it’s moving well again after major illness or surgery or increasing efficiency in a highly trained movement at the peak of your performance you can be sure she’ll be confident working with you to achieve what you’ve got in sight.

No stranger to the wonderful world of sports and a lover of outdoor activities, there are not many pursuits that she hasn’t been involved in at some stage. If we say surfing, climbing Ultramarathon runners with a past history as an Ultimate Frisbee player and gymnast – you get the picture.

This is a clinician who won’t baulk at your goals no matter how epic or how personal they may be. Sarah particularly relishes the challenge of those sticky injuries that just won’t budge shoulders, hips and knees being a mainstay along with huge experience with longstanding back pain.

In her session you should expect to be supported to feel and move better with hands -on techniques, education and to leave equipped with some strategies to get you making improvements on your own in a way that is achievable and reasonable for your lifestyle.

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