The Active Physiotherapy Team

Stephanie Tang

B. App.Sc. (Phty), APAM

Stephanie is a physiotherapist with 21 years of experience in diagnosing, treating and prescribing holistic strategies for her patients. Whether this involves injury management & prevention, pain reduction or performance optimization, she has succeeded in providing valuable and meaningful results.

A true student of her craft she has trained with Health Care Leaders in Australia and abroad to increase her expertise in the areas of:

  • Assessment and treatment via the ‘Connect Therapy and Thoracic Ring Approach’ as founded by Dr L.J. Lee
  • Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques to the Pelvis/ Ribs/ Spine
  • Management of patients undergoing Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy particularly for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  • Visceral Mobilisation
  • GEMt Dry Needling
  • APPI Clinical Pilates (Mat and Equipment) and Barre based Exercises
  • RTUS for abdominal/ pelvic floor muscles assessment and retraining

Stephanie is a big advocate of movement/task analysis which enables her to identify the root of one’s problem rather than just practising symptomatic treatment. Via the ’Connect Therapy and the Thoracic Ring Approach’, which is an assessment method that involves identification of drivers (body regions) that are the primary cause of one’s problem. This coupled with treatment of one’s immediate region of complain, allows for more effective and long-lasting outcomes.

Stephanie is a strong believer of “Body Management” that takes into account all body systems including joints, muscles, fascial, visceral and neural systems, that can have an impact on efficiency and performance.

Stephanie is also a believer of an active management approach. She is an accredited APPI Pilates instructor and is experienced in running mat and equipment based pilates classes.

Personally, she enjoys participating in Barre and pilates classes for dynamic mobility (mat and reformer based) and TrX classes for her own body management, which also gives her good insight on exercise techniques and body movement. She enjoys the outdoors and loves snowboarding, stand up paddle boarding and hiking. She is a keen basketball and soccer fan as well.

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