Pilates is a holistic exercise approach based on the correct facilitation and endurance of the core stabilising muscles of the spine, pelvis and shoulders. There is strong focus on body awareness, correct breathing and good posture.

Joseph Pilates founded this exercise approach in the 1920’s in New York, where he worked with and rehabilitated many famous dancers, actors and performers of that time.
Clinical Pilates combines the theories of Joseph Pilates with physiotherapy knowledge, new scientific research and an evidence-based approach to exercise. This makes it a safer and more effective way to prevent and rehabilitate from injury.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates


Research has substantiated the importance of core strengthening for general health and injury prevention, as well as for rehabilitation.
By attending regular Clinical Pilates classes, you will:
Improve core strength and body awareness
Ease muscle tension and increase flexibility
Correct muscle imbalances by strengthening weak areas and learning to relax overused muscles
Train correct posture and endurance
Increase energy and ease with activities in everyday life