At Active Physiotherapy, we use a unique fusion on manual techniques in order to facilitate restoration of normal joint, nerve and muscle function. All our clinical staff are advanced manual therapists and excel in gentle mobilisations and low grade manipulations of the body. We may need to use massage, dry needling or myofascial release to achieve a deeper release of soft tissues.

If your assessment highlights a restriction in your abdominal or pelvic cavity, such as old scar, your physiotherapist may need to use visceral mobilisation techniques in order to release the scar and any associated soft tissue. This is a gentle technique and allows for a deeper release of musculoskeletal structures that may be involved with your internal organs.

If your assessment identifies a lack of nerve tissue motion, your physiotherapist may use cranio-sacral mobilisation techniques. This gentle nerve treatment allows for the restoration of normal nerve mechanics and can be effective in the treatment of headaches, spinal pain and whiplash injuries.