Pilates Classes at Active Physiotherapy Newtown

Pilates is a unique integrated system of exercise for the mind and body that is conditioning the body in its entirety it seeks to build flexibility, muscle strength, tone, control, endurance, and coordination.

It is one of the most beautiful forms of exercise that strives to create mind and body awareness through proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment. It emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, stability and flexibility in order to support efficient, graceful, powerful movement.

It employs a series of specifically designed and precise movements that encourages the body and mind to become one and helps to prevent injuries, and should be performed in a smooth and flowing manner to help create awareness of where the body is in space. It should be performed under the guidance and supervision of a fully qualified Internationally Recognized Pilates instructor.

Pilates is for everyone

Pilates is a very flexible exercise system that caters for the beginner to the very elite. Modifications to each exercise allow for a large range of individual workouts to cater for those who have not exercised, or who have injuries to those who are highly athletic, the exercises can be increased or decreased in intensity as your body begins to become conditioned or to allow for safe exercise with injuries and restrictions.
Pilates also can help improve specific aspects of a person’s life, such as help improve their personal best in their chosen sport, help increase lung capacity and mind and muscle endurance, also helping to improve core stability and strength helping to prevent injuries.
Pilates can also be used in the corporate world to help improve productivity, decrease fatigue and reduce muscle tension caused by repetitive actions.

Benefits of Pilates

Improves flexibility and posture
Improves stability of the spine
Improves coordination and balance
Reduced stress and increased energy
Aids in weight loss and weight management
Increases lean muscle mass
Helps to boost self-esteem, confidence and work ethic.
Balances muscular strength on both sides of the body and aids correct muscle patterning.
Increases muscle strength and tone
Flatter abs, tighter butt and hips, more freely movable lower back
Increases range of movement in all joints
Releases tension, aches and pains from everyday life.
Aids in relaxation of the shoulders, neck and upper back.

Types of Pilates Classes

Private Classes: are one on one during a 55 minute workout, guided by an instructor and carried out on the Floor and Reformer Machine. The Reformer is a Pilates Machine that uses a spring and pulley system to provide its user a variable resistance to both assist, challenge, lengthen and strengthen the body.
Group Mat/Floor Classes: Matwork classes are a 50 minute group workout. Matwork classes are core based and uses your own body weight as resistance. The class is guided by an instructor and is appropriate for all skill levels.

Our classes are held in our Newtown rooms on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
To book your class or for more information on cost and prices contact reception on
(02) 9519 4913