At Active Physiotherapy Newtown and Darlinghurst, we have a state of the art ultrasound machine. This allows us to view your muscles working inside your body. In many cases, when people have had pain, their brain loses the ability to activate their muscles optimally. Our ultrasound machine allows us to see whether your muscles are firing optimally, or not, as the case may be.

Re-training with Ultrasound


Being able to watch your muscles work in real-time is an amazing tool which helps with biofeedback. We find it really helpful and it is proven to be an effective adjunct to physiotherapy treatment.

Getting an Ultrasound Analysis for your Muscles


So if you’re not sure if you are activating your core properly, make an appointment and ask your physio to check this for you. If your personal trainer or Pilates instructor is uncertain whether you are activating your core properly, we will be able to liase with them and guide your program effectively and with real-time feedback.

Handy hint: if you are trying to turn your core on and this makes your back hurt, you most likely have an issue that needs to be assessed by your physio. You may very well be turning on the wrong set of muscles.

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