Running analysis is critical if you think that running is causing your pain or injury. At Active Physiotherapy’s Newtown clinic, we have a treadmill which we use to analyse our runners with specialised software.  This software allows us to slow down, speed up, pause and closely investigate every aspect of your running. In this way, we can determine whether your body is tolerating the high loads of running. We can see if a part of your body is weak and letting you down during your running.  Weakness is a very common cause of pain in runners.

Treatment with a Running Gait Analysis


Once we have determined whether you have any weakness and where that weakness is, we can move forward with a treatment plan catered for you. We will aim to reduce your pain and improve your performance.  We can show you a video of yourself running before and after your rehabilitation. For most of our runners, the difference they can see is incredible!

Running analysis is nearly impossible when running over ground down at your local park or local street. By using our in house treadmill, we can watch exactly what you’re doing right and what you’re doing that is non-optimal and that needs to improve.

What are some of the Common Running Injuries


Common running injuries are muscle tears, tendinopathies, joint pain, low back pain, hip pain and foot pain. If you’re a runner, these injuries can really ruin your performance slowing you down and making running feel awful. So why wait? If you think your running could improve, or running makes you sore – see us soon!

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