All clinical staff at Active Physiotherapy have experience treating amateur sportspeople. Several of our clinical staff  have worked in professional sporting environments. Some of our staff have been elite sportspeople in sports such as lifeboat rowing and Triathlons. In saying this, our robust assessment techniques allow us to assess and treat your issues effectively, even if we have never played your sport. Our particular areas of interest are in the following sports:

•    golf
•    cricket
•    cycling
•    athletics especially running ( including ultramarathon distances)
•    dance
•    all football codes and field sports

The clinical staff at Active Physiotherapy have all participated in competitive sports to different degrees and are comfortable managing the initial first aid stages of severe sports injuries to the rehabilitation and technical phases of return to sport.

Whether you’ve pulled a muscle, are getting pain when playing your sport, stirred up a tendon or had orthopaedic surgery, we’ll assess and treat you with up to date best practice physiotherapy.

Our team has worked extensively with sports coaches in all forms of sport and understand the physical, psychological and emotional components of sports injury, sports rehabilitation and return to sport. We will look to keep you playing your sport if at all possible and will only tell you to stop if you are at risk of causing a significant long lasting injury. This is very rare and most of our patients are able to continue playing their sports whilst we rehabilitate them.

Our close involvement with some of Sydney’s best sports medicine specialists means that, if you need more specialist care, we’ll get you to the right person to help you recover. We have very close ties to the orthopaedic surgeons at RPAH and this allows a streamlined integrated approach to your management, should you need surgery.

Foe more information, please see our clinical staff section for more detailed sports coverage experience.