At our clinic, we have leading Women’s Health Physiotherapists ready to help you. If you are pregnant, have just had your baby or are looking to get back to running, Yoga, Pilates or any other activity our staff are here to guide you.

Ultrasound Technology


Using our real time ultrasound, we can visualise your core muscles and pelvic floor muscles to see if they are working optimally. We can guide you back to being stable, functional and strong.

We work closely with leading Sydney obstetricians and gynaecologists to rehabilitate you when you need us most. We are happy for you to bring bub along to your sessions as well.

What our Women’s Health Physios can Help With


Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists can help with the following issues:

Urinary incontinence

Pre- and Post-Natal Physiotherapy

Painful Intercourse

Pelvic floor muscles that are too weak or too tight

Chronic pelvic pain

Low back or other pains associated with pregnancy or post-partum

Pelvic girdle pain

Guidance with return to activity after your baby

What to expect when you see one of our Women’s Health Physiotherapists


  1. We will hear your story. We will ask you questions to understand your history, any birth history and other associated injuries / issues that have occurred in your whole system, not just in your pelvic floor.
  2. We will undergo a thorough assessment of your pelvic floor and musculoskeletal system to understand what is happening and formulate a plan for rehabilitation.
  3. We will discuss our findings with you and explain the anatomy and the plan moving forward.
  4. We will treat you and guide you back to being stable, strong and functional.