You know, as physios we get asked a lot of questions during our working day. Things like:

“What do you think is going on in my body?” and…..

“How long will this take to get better?”

However, the most commonly asked question we get in the clinic is this:

“What’s the difference between a chiro and a physio?”

Now, this is a good question. Why? Well the chiropractors are known to traditionally treat spine problems. And everyone agrees that physios are good at sports injuries.

But is it as simple as this? Of course not.

And that’s why there is confusion.

The confusion really starts with the claims that each different type of provider makes.

The chiropractors believe that all body ailments, from a sore ear, to low back pain, to arthritis and controversially even autism, can be linked back to a “subluxation” in the spine. That is, chiro’s claim that, because something is “out” in your spine, that you can get a disease or even autism.

So….in order for your chiro to “fix” you, they need to manipulate, or crack, your spine to adjust the subluxation “back in”. The chiro’s believe that this adjustment then allows the nerves to communicate better around your body and in this way, you’ll feel better.

Sounds great, right?

There’s only one problem with all this.

It is all baloney

You see…chiropractic as a technique has been around for 114 years. It is described as starting with a gentleman by the name of D.D. Palmer in Iowa in 1895, who noticed a partially deaf person looked like they had a verterba out of place. So Mr Palmer performed an manipulation of this patient and it is described that the next day, the patient could hear fully again.

From here D.D.Palmer devised a set of manipulations for all the different bones in the body, and opened an office and a college to teach these two years later.

Unfortunately, in the 114 years since, there has been not one research paper that can show us, the greater medical community, and you, our patients, that any of this works.

There have been no papers to proof the concept of subluxation exists.

No proof that, even if subluxation exists, that it is the cause of any pain or disease process.

And no proof that manipulation of any subluxations causes any improvements in chiropractic patients.

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Until then,

Dr. John Panagopoulos