Golf is one of the world’s most popular sports and can be played by people of any age. Traditionally, it wasn’t thought that you needed to be “fit” or “strong” for a game that appeared so slow and sedentary. Well…nothing can be further from the truth!


In fact, if you are walking for 18 hours on most golf courses, you’re probably walking somewhere around 10km-13km – and that’s not taking into account the hills!

Golf Movements that Cause Pain


Because golf requires the player to perform the same movement (the golf swing) many times repetitively during a round, any little technical flaw can cause injury. The forces that go through a golfers arms, upper back and lower back during the golf swing are very high. Swing faults can cause excessive loads to accumulate through a particular region of the body and can cause pain and injury. Common injuries due to swing faults that we see in our clinic are low back and disc injuries, wrist injuries and rib injuries.

Getting Treatment at Active Physio


At our clinic, Dr. John Panagopoulos is an accredited Titleist Fitness Professional, having been trained by the Titleist Performance Institute, based in the US. As a keen golfer himself, John understands the body mechanics required for the optimal golf swing. John can assess your body to ensure you have the requisite motion required to be able to swing your clubs without hurting yourself. If you have a golf pro or coach, John is able to liase with your golf pro and discuss your needs with them directly.

So…if your swings feels “weird” or you are having trouble doing what your coach asks because your body can’t execute those motions, give us a call and book an assessment with John.

Happy golfing!

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